Preliminary studies of phytochemicals in Euphobia heterophylla ethanol leaf extract using GC-MS analysis

O.N. Nwankudu, S.N. Ijioma, K. K. Igwe, A.J. Madubuike, N.K. Achi


Objective: Preliminary studies of plant phytochemicals give an idea of the secondary metabolites in that plant for further research investigations. These metabolites serve as chemical signals that enable the plant to respond to environmental challenges and defence against pathogens. They are distributed all over the plant. The aim of this study is to identify the secondary metabolites in the leaves of Euphorbia heterophylla as a preliminary study using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry analysis.

Methods: The extract was prepared using Soxhlet extraction method with ethanol as solvent. It was concentrated at 35oC in hot air oven. The molecular mass of the phytochemicals were established based on the molecular ion in the mass spectra.

Results: The gas chromatogram showed the presence of twelve compounds .Some suggested compounds are Furan-2-ylmethanol [RT:3.819, Peak Area:4.04] ; 2-Ethyl-2hexen-1-al [RT:3.924, Peak Area:6.20]; 2,5-dimethylInona-2,58-trien-1-ylium [RT:18.257, Peak Area:29.97] and Acifluofen,isobutyl ester [RT:24.492, Peak Area:9.67].

Conclusions: The identified phytochemicals will enhance the development of drugs from this plant. It is therefore necessary to isolation and synthesis the bioactive compounds from this plant for proper utilization as medicinal plant.


E. heterophylla, GC-MS, Bioactivities, Extraction

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